Wellness Challenge

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a Wellness Challenge?
A. My Wellness Challenge is based on the Lifetime Wellness Challenge. The link is here. It is a way of incorporating diet and exercise into a 6 week program. We count points and compete as teams.

Q. Is there a fee?
A. There is NO fee to join my Wellness Challenge

Q. Who can participate?
A. Anyone can participate. I have tracks for weight loss, weight maintenance, teens, and pregnancy. This challenge is to improve overall wellness no matter what your situation in life is.

Q. How do I keep track of points?
A. The week before a challenge start I send out spreadsheets with instructions on how to fill them out. The yellow highlighted spaces are filled out by you. There are tabs at the bottom for the different weeks. The spreadsheet adds up the points for you.

Q. How do I submit points?
A. Every Sunday night or Monday (starting one week after the challenge begins) you click on 'submit points' on the left sidebar. You will fill that form in from your spreadsheet. The blue highlighted spaces on your spreadsheet have the numbers used for submitting points.

Q. How do I figure out weight loss percent?
A. Weight loss percent = pounds lost / starting weight * 100
     Points = weight loss percent * 40

Q. I forgot my password...what do I do?
A. When you login there is a link that says "Forgot Password?"...click on it and then follow instructions.

Q. I'm tired of getting all the emails. How do I turn them off?
A. Sign in and then click on "Account Settings". There is an area on the right where you can check or un-check your email settings.

Q. Can two people register with one email address?
A. No, the website is not set up to let this happen. One of you will have to go make a free email address with Google, Yahoo, etc.